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Lowrance Hook 7 Sonar GPS Fish Finder Review

The Lowrance Hook 7 is depth finding capability with GPS for the most accurate mapping and charting in depth finding. Navionics add the spice to fish finding with seven inches of crisp color display. The built in mapping features include American maps to over three thousand bodies of water including rivers and coasts. Finding the fish is an art with depths over a thousand feet beneath the surface in your reach.
This fish finder has several pages you can choose from for your trips. The menu has a bevy of pages from the downscan page to the chart page this is an excellent fish finder accessing great detail real time for the best fishing possible. You can get a view of every angle with all of the technology just by switching the page on the menu.

Lowrance Hook 7 Features

Custom Features included on the Lowrance Hook 7 include your own mapping tools for the best fishing tools available on this depth finder. The 7-inch display will mount with ease on your fishing vessel and create your own trip with the mapping tools for the best hotspot locating in fish finders.

CHIRP technology outshines with the clarity of images on your VGA display with the Lowrance fish finder. Images are so clear with very little hindrances to your view beneath the surface of the water. Choose from dual settings on the Hook 7 with Down scan imaging included in the benefits of this fish detection tool.

HD and navionics add the special spice on this fish finder with built in GPS tracking antenna. Track-Back is a wonderful feature added to the Lowrance Hook 7 with the ability to record and keep your viewing history. The history of fish targets and memories on your depth finding are easily kept for posterity and future fishing expeditions to the same locations. Make your own custom mapping easily with this excellent fish finding tool.

You can use the functions on this depth finder easily and enter diary information for things and key hotspots on your maps Use the convenient keypad on the settings menu for naming a way point or a new route you found which you can enter actual notes on things you wish to remember.

Fishing modes are an excellent feature. The modes are named for their uses. Shallow water mode and general use monitor different depths. The Shallow mode monitors depths of sixty feet or less. The general use mode monitors from a thousand feet or less. For ice fishing, you can monitor up to four hundred feet in the Ice fishing mode. Even in brackish water, you have a mode to help you in fresh and saltwater mixed waters. Fast trolling mode monitors up to four hundred feet for optimum depth finding as you troll the waters for the perfect stop.


The second hook gives many benefits to ownership. This is a great fish finder for the avid fisherman who wants the edge on their marine technology. You can create a man overboard waypoint with this excellent fishing tool. This is a point where it is safe to dive off the boat and the fish finder can detect the safety of the area for diving off the boat. The system will automatically set this dive route back to the man overboard way point. You have to cancel the function manually to turn it off. This is excellent for safety in diving in around your vessel. It is a good idea to turn on your fish finder for this benefit alone.

You can disable the sound and all audio on your fish finder by entering the set up menu and pressing enable or disable audio or mute. This is a great feature for those quiet spots where fish scare easily giving you the full view and the benefit of a quiet detection in sensitive spots. You can add a micro SD card and capture your screens or maps to add to the memory of your mapping tool with this excellent fish finder from Lowrance. Just use the micro SD slot and add a blank SD card and save your fishing for better trips and maps in the future.

Every Purchase is Covered By Lowrance Advantage Plans

When you purchase any product from Lowrance there is a standard service plan automatically in place. Most of the products are covered by a one or two year warranty for the best servicing available by Lowrance customer service or product replacement. The plan comes with warranty included and you can purchase the coverage you want with extended warranty packages.

There is a five year upgrade available which will keep your depth finding on the edge of the latest technology with easy updating. Global Service is a part of the Advantage plans with service and repair all over the globe for easy convenience anywhere in the world you want to take your fishing trips.

These service plans are an amazing benefit to owning the Lowrance Hook 7. You can have your depth finder in tip top condition all over the world with global servicing. This is a superior insurance plan for service virtually everywhere around the globe.

lowrance hook 7 fish finder
lowrance hook 7 fish finder
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The Lowrance is an excellent fish finder for fishermen who have to have the latest technology with simple adjusting on every fishing accessory. It has a simulator which immediately educates the user with ease on learning alarms, icons and capabilities of the Lowrance Elite.

This is an excellent buy for the money with all of the latest in marine technology. Reviews are raving about the easy way to learn the capability of this fish finder. The simple applications with page up and page down buttons give the user the advantage of every setting level on the fish finder.

Patented technology is available on the Lowrance that is not available with other fish finders available for purchase. The Edge of this technology bring fish finding out into the future with the Skimmer alone which will widen your ability to find the fish on every trip from this great depth finder.

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