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Lowrance HDS 8 Marine GPS Fish Finder Review

The Lowrance HDS 8 is a multifunctional display which acts as both a Broadband Sounder and a marine chart plotter. It also consists of an internal GPS sensor. The unit is equipped with Lowrance Nautic Insight US Coastal Cartography. The package includes a mounting bracket, display unit, operations manual, dual-frequency transom-mount transducer, quick start guide, as well as a data/power NMEA0183 cable. This unit may either be bought as a standalone fishfinder or a standalone chart plotter. It measures 7.8 inches (height) x 10.5 inches (weight). It is also less than 3.3 inches in depth.

This Lowrance model has the capability to prevent anglers from getting lost on their travels, especially if they are venturing out in open waters. This can also help fishermen from coming home with nothing in their hands. It is a great addition to a boat. The screen provides information that is always related to the device operation. It offers depth and shallow alarms when they are being crossed. The temperature display makes sure that the device is operating within the right temperatures. Any temperature that is either more or less than the threshold cannot guarantee accuracy with the device. It is also waterproof so you do not have to worry that it will be easily damaged in case of high humidity or water splashes on the boat.

lowrance hds 8 fish finder
lowrance hds 8 fish finder

Lowrance HDS 8 Features

  • Trackback
  • Network Options
  • StructureScan
  • DownScan/SideScan
  • StructureMap
  • SpotlightScan Sonar
  • Insight USA mapping package


  • Display allows for clear viewing
  • Different color palettes
  • 6 soft keys
  • Produces vast image with StructureScan
  • Enhanced US base map feature


  • On the expensive end of the pricing scale


If you consider yourself a basic user, the Lowrance HDS 8 will certainly open doors that are beyond expectations. On the other hand, advanced users will see this unit as one with many capabilities that can enable ample growth if this is what you need. It comes with two chart card slots and is also compatible with the Navionics Platinum as well as Platinum+ including any inland lakes cards of Navionics. When this unit is linked to the right optional sensors, it shows radar data, broadband side-scanning sonar with the use of LSS-1 black box, Sirius marine weather, and radio, as well as different engine information.

A cable that comes with a twist-lock connector is connected to the case back, supplying both data and electrical power through its individual cable legs. This display is home to a 16-channel GPS sensor, even though the unit may use an optional external GPS sensor. This unit may also interface with an NMEA2000 network, NMEA 0183 devices, as well as a Navico Ethernet.


Having a number of options is a positive thing in this case. There are other players in the industry of fish finders. For instance, you may want to go with another brand. One of the key players in this industry is the Humminbird Ice 55 unit. This special unit has clearly grabbed the attention of anglers who like to fish on hard water. This unit also comes with the company’s first backlit LCD technology which can be found inside the flasher’s dial. It offers real-time updates and sonar response together with the convenience of a very easy-to-read digital and automatic depth scale.

Another option is the fish finder which can be paired using your smart device. This model is the Deeper Fish Finder. Unlike other standard fishfinders, it can easily be connected to your smart device. Through an app, it can transfer sonar readings to your device’s screen. The connection is done through Bluetooth technology, which allows for lower battery consumption. Also, there is no need to spend on cellular data in order for this unit to work. Therefore, you can also use internet connection easily on your tablet or your smartphone while you are fishing.

Now, let’s compare these two with the Lowrance HDS 8. When it comes to features, the HDS 8 model can be considered the more advanced option. Therefore, if you are into fishing as a career, you should never settle for a tool that can’t help you a lot. Purchasing a Lowrance HDS 8 can be considered a good investment.

Lowrance HDS-9
Lowrance HDS-9 ( Newer Model )
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Is this Lowrance HDS 8 worthy of your attention? Definitely! With all its features and extra capabilities, purchasing a Lowrance HDS 8 will certainly be a great investment for you. This unit comes equipped with eight single or dual function push buttons, a touch flywheel keypad, and six soft keys. The keypad easily controls functionality while manipulating menus onscreen. The unit’s keypad ring enables the user to scroll through the menus by putting a finger on the ring and moving it freely as desired.

The soft key functions are also paged appropriate and they are available onscreen right above each of the push buttons. This means that users can easily choose from one of the seven main pages. It also comes with a full-screen page view, as well as a combinations view which may be set with the use of the pages button, enter key and keypad. You may also opt to choose certain combinations of up to four windows from the structure page.

As an angler, you surely would want to track your routes. One of the easiest ways to do so is by creating multiple waypoint routes directly from the chart page of the screen. The procedures involved are also easy. Aside from all of these features, you will find that this unit can easily fit according to your requirements. Therefore, the more you use it, the more you can expect to take full advantage of all of its features. This only means that you will never go wrong with choosing the Lowrance HDS 8 as an addition to your boat and to your next fishing expedition.

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