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Lowrance Hds 7 Gen2 Gps Sonar Fish Finder Review

The Lowrance HDS 7 gen2 is another premium quality product on the market that comes with all magnificent features for the customer. The customer’s feedback for this 2nd Generation model have been very positive and optimistic. This can be assured that customers are going to have a quality piece of fishing equipment.

The Lowrance HDS 7 gen 2 is really so much user-friendly. It comes with excellent sonar and Structure Scan technology. The screen of this device has also been arranged with great resolution and clear view. The screen provides a clear view of underwater elements. The device isn’t that kind of cheap. But it is perfectly priced at the mid-range level.

The product has all the features that can easily impress to its customers. For those who need a fish finder that can perform everything perfectly, they should definitely consider this product in their fish finder list. Review that is given below for this product will help you realize why this one is exceptional.

Lowrance HDS 7 gen 2 Important Features


The Lowrance HDS 7 gen2 comes with a screen of high-resolution capability. It is one of the main factors about this impressive product. The diagonal screen comes with a size of 6.4 inch. It has a resolution of 480 by 640 with full color VGA quality.

The display provides 3D imaging as well as 2D also. It provides high levels of detail and a great clear view of what is below the boat. So users can easily enjoy excellent and detailed viewing. The screen has fantastic lighting vision and provides an easy view of what is visible on screen even in the extreme sunlight or shadow.

So it can be realized how much enhance the display is and it is sure that users are going to have a great experience with this device screen.

lowrance hsd 7 gen 2 fish finder
lowrance hsd 7 gen 2 fish finder


The device has impressive sonar abilities. It has built in Broadband Sounder Unit. This unit allows three types of frequencies and these are 50/83/200 kHz. The unit is capable of reading depths of up to 5,000 ft. Also the unit allows users to set a depth line for sonar alongside depth range, sensitivity and bottom lock. This helps to determine exactly the expected object and where to do it.

This Lowrance fish finder has been arranged with both Side scan and Down scan technology, which provides incredibly detailed imaging of the bottom of the body of water to its user. When it is combined with Side scan and Down Scan Imaging, then also the effect is really greater and is really amazing that is below the boat.


The Lowrance HDS 7 gen2 comes with a high capacity transducer unit. This unit helps users to see all the thermoclines in the body of water. This helps to target fish easily.

But it will be great for the customer if they ensure that the frequency of the transducer matches that of the sonar unit. While checking the device’s transducer customer should care of the capability to take in high power transmitter impulses.

So the transducer of this device has an amazing capability that is suitable for the cautious customers.

Insight Mapping

The device comes with great structure map that provides most detailed information of the water body. It has built in insight map and it has chart-plotter which is used to come up with user’s own maps from collected data. This feature of this device provides so detailed and quite accurate ways to navigate as well as to explore the bottom of the water.

Another interesting thing of the device is; this unit doesn’t use not only a single map. Lowrance HDS 7 gen2 has 4 types of map. Those are Enhanced Basemaps, Insight HD Maps, built in Insight Maps as well as the Navionics Navigation charts. Every single of these is really amazing at providing its users with the detail.


Another great feature that this unit has been arranged with is its built in GPS. It has built in antenna which provides user detailed information in regards to their positioning. This antenna receiver has max 16 channels which helps users lock your position. This process occurs in a very fast manner.

The GPS that is provided with this device performs excellent. It is 5 Hz unit which is faster at with providing information. Setting paths and plotting waypoints are really handy for navigation as well as for marking out the best fishing spots. 5000 waypoints and up to 200 routes can be store through this unit.

So this GPS facility has added an extra dimension in this product that customers are going to enjoy this.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Easy to use Complexity of menus and submenus
High sonar capability Complex technical nature
Easily locate fish
High depth capacity
Structure Map

Whom is this product designed for?

  • Avid anglers
  • Boaters
Lowrance 000-11788-001 HDS-7 GEN3
Lowrance 000-11788-001 HDS-7 GEN3 ( Newer Model )
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Above all this fish finder device is also an amazing piece of kit. Although the price is slightly up but if you have the wish to get it then it is highly recommended.

The Lowrance HDS 7 gen2 has advanced navigation options that makes you more advance in this case. Also the excellent screen helps you enter a vivid world of images. The transducer is also another powerful tool.

Although it is expensive but to get a good product you have to maintain a good price every time. Once you learn it how to use it’s going to be a great enjoyment for you. Uses find this one more helpful indeed.

Frequently Asking Questions

Q: Can the beginner easily use this device?

A: yes, they can. But there are some complexities also in the functionality.

Q: How many channels the GPS antenna have?

A: 16 channels.

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