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Lowrance Elite 5 GPS Fish Finder Review

Lowrance Elite 5 is a combination of a fish finder and a chart plotter which is equipped with a 5-inch display screen, 500 watt sounder, and a 16-channel GPS with internal antenna, all into a single unit. This package comes with the display unit, dual frequency transom mount transducer, quick-release mounting bracket, as well as an installation and operation manual. As an alternative, this model can also be bought as either a standalone fish finder or a standalone chart plotter.

The display of this unit measures at 5.4 inches (height) x 6.8 inches (width) x 2.4 inches (depth). Panel mounting of this device is highly possible without the use of additional hardware aside from the mounting screws. This unit also features dual hybrid imaging. The technology used behind this unit is a combination of two different technologies, which are the Broadband Scanner as well as Downscan Imaging. These technologies can easily offer fishermen a good view of the water column.

Fish FinderModelShipping WeightRatingPrice
Lowrance Elite-5 Ti000-12423-0016.5 pounds3.2Check Price
Lowrance Elite-5 Touch000-12420-0013.7 pounds3Check Price
Lowrance Elite-5 Ti GPS 000-12697-0015 pounds3.1Check Price
Lowrance Elite-5 Ti Downscan000-12421-0014.6 pounds3.7Check Price
lowrance elit 5 fish finder
lowrance elit 5 fish finder

Lowrance Elite 5 Features

  • 480×480 pixel color display on a 5” screen
  • 83/200 kHz dual-beam transducer
  • 4,800 watts peak-to-peak/500 watts RMS
  • 1,000 feet depth capability
  • Sonar history scroll back
  • Internal 16 channel GPS antenna
  • Temperature sensor


  • Revolutionary fish finding
  • DownScan Overlay
  • Easier to use compared to before
  • Split-screen viewing
  • GPS capability
  • Insight Genesis Mapping
  • Fast Installation


  • Screen can be difficult to clean


Once again, Lowrance has outperformed itself with the introduction of the Lowrance Elite 4 unit. It is a great combination of only the best Lowrance technology in a single amazing fish finding package. If you have already used a Lowrance unit before, you definitely know how their imaging technology is. This also includes the capability of their Broadband Sounder.

This new unit comes with a power rating of 250 watts, boasting a capability of seeing as far down as 1000 feet at 50 kHz. This is certainly a very impressive number. Since most of the fish may be found in shallower waters, this device is a great one-stop solution, allowing you to see clear, crisp details of the bottom, fish schools as well as structures on its 5 inch high-resolution color display. With this compact package, you can have everything that you need in order to set and follow waypoints and tracks, as well as view your position on the map, among many others capabilities.

For instance, DownScan is very effective for seeing what type of structure and bottom there is, so you can really see a pylon as a pylon, a rock as a rock, and a tree as a tree. Upon knowing the bottom and structure, you can easily use the Broadband SONAR in order to spot fish lines or fish arches, watch your line, and lastly, watch as you finally get a bite. Priced around $***, all of these features are made available to you.


It is fun to explore and see your options when it comes to choosing the best fish finder. There are also other choices that are available on the market these days. One is the Lowrance HDS 8, which boasts of its multifunctional display that acts both as a marine chart plotter and Broadband Sounder. It also comes equipped with an internal GPS sensor which can easily lead you to your catch.

Another option is another sibling from the Lowrance family, the Lowrance X4. It is a standout because of its ability to cover a wide area, which allows users to enjoy a great experience on a fishing trip. This model is included in the series of fish finders that are great for beginners, but also perfect even for longtime fishing enthusiasts.

Comparing these two models with the Lowrance Elite 5, it can be said that the latter still holds a better and more competitive edge. Your current fishfinder may have problems when it comes to reflection as well as non-viewing angles, but with the Elite 5, all of these issues are eliminated. Its backlit keypad will also provide you with the ease of use even in low light conditions, which is great for early risers and late arrivers.

Lowrance Elite-5 Ti Med/High/Totalscan Fishfinder
Lowrance Elite-5 Ti Med/High/Totalscan Fishfinder ( Newer Model )
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The features of Lowrance Elite 5 are perfect for any type of angler, making it the best choice out there. As a result, it has the capability to store up to 3,000 waypoints and 100 routes, as well as 100 retraceable plot trails. If you only go to a couple of places a year, this means you can still save enough waypoints in order to pattern great fishing locations. This unit comes with a combo of GPS/Sonar fish finder which has a 16 channel internal antenna that can provide you with a great satellite connection. You do not have to worry about losing GPS reading with this unit. If you discover that the fish finder does not connect with the fish finder well, you have the option of using an external GPS.

Among the features that make the Lowrance Elite 5 a great option are the skimmer type transducers which can read depths up to 1000 feet. It also uses 83/200 kHz frequencies which can definitely work whether in deep water or in shallower bodies. The settings can be set into manual or auto.

If you want to use a lake map, which is highly suggested, the Elite 5 comes with a micro SD card slot which gives you access to map chips. There are compatible brands that can work well with it, including LakeMaster, Fishing Hot Spots, Navionics Premium, as well as select others. The overall ease of use of the unit is perfect for beginners who are searching for a great GPS fish finder. It also works really well even for elite anglers. You will never go wrong by choosing the Lowrance Elite 5.

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