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Lowrance Elite 3x Sonar Fish Finder Review

The Lowrance Elite 3x is complete with an 83/200 kHz dual-frequency broadband sounder transducer which also features a unique LED backlit color display. Its resolution of 240 x 360 pixels makes the screen easily viewable from any angle. At the same time, its dual-frequency capability offers maximum visualization underneath the boat. It also comes with an 83 KHz sonar which focuses on a 60-degree cone area to scan wider areas. In detecting fish, the display can easily illustrate the fish as arches. Its 200 KHz sonar provides an additional 20 degrees of coverage which can differentiate between objects that are solid, thus creating vertical displays. This patented skimmer transducer technology offers temperature and water depth readings as well as boat speeds.

Lowrance Elite 3x Features

  • Power button – controls the backlit LCD feature by means of adjusting between daylight and nighttime for optimal viewing quality
  • Advanced Signal Process (ASP) – minimizes need for manual adjustment of Elite’s settings
  • Page Button – switches easily between frequencies. The keys can allow the anglers to identify and focus on areas that are targeted through its zoom capability
  • Menu Button – offers access to range, sensitivity, frequency, range, ping speed, noise reduction, fish ID, color line, overlay data as well as settings pages
  • Fish ID – enables anglers to change the display illustration of fish targets
  • Mounting Bracket – this includes tilts, swivels, as well as releases the fish finder quickly in order to change the viewing angles, or remove the unit for storage
  • One year limited warranty


  • LED backlit color display which provides a clear and detailed 320 x 240 high resolution
    Broadband Sounder can identify bottom contour, fish targets, bottom hardness, structure detail, thermoclines and many more
  • 83 KHZ sonar operation offers up to 60 degrees conical coverage
  • ASP reduces manual adjustment needs
  • Tilting swivel mounting bracket


  • Small screen


With the help of the Lowrance Elite 3x unit, you have a good chance of efficiently targeting swimming game. This fish finder comes with features that would certainly prove to be useful for you in your fishing activity. This will not just make sure that you do not go home with anything at all after a day of fishing in the open water, but it will also allow you to enjoy the entire experience. Its SolarMax LED backlit color display along with its 320 x 240 pixel resolution can reveal the presence of fish targets, bottom structure and contours for easier and faster identification.

The Lowrance Elite 3x has an easy to use menu and keys and features a 4x zooming capability. This fish finder unit also introduces a dual frequency 83 or 200 KHz skimmer transducer technology, alongside Broadband Sounder operation together with Fish ID and water temperature sensors. Its Advanced Signal Processing feature also comes with an adjustable ping speed which ultimately helps in reducing the need for any manual adjustments. This unit is available on Amazon for around $***, making it one of the most affordable options available.


There are several players in the fish finding world. If you want another easy to use device, you may want to opt for the Deeper fish finder. What makes this model different from other options is that it can be linked to a mobile device and all readings are viewable on the device screen. It works via Bluetooth connectivity which uses less battery power.

If you want to choose a different brand, Humminbird is another major player. Several amazing features on the Ice 35 make this unit pleasant on the eyes and fulfill the needs of different anglers. It also comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

However, when it comes to overall features, the Elite 3x steps up its game. Its most effective edge is the fact that it is extremely affordable and far more reasonable than the two options mentioned above. Of course, the decision on the type of fish finder equipment to choose highly depends on your personal preferences and needs. Take into consideration such aspects in order to make the best choice.


Overall, the Lowrance Elite 3x is one of the most affordable fish finders out there. For sure, there will be a lot of kayak users who are searching for a low cost and basic tool. This low price unit with its color screen will prove to be really tempting. This unit looks nice, is small and comes with a color screen which is quite attractive. While the outer appearance of this model is already satisfactory, the inside offers more than that. The readings produced by this unit are accurate enough to guide fishermen in making the right move.

lowrance elite 3x fish finder
lowrance elite 3x fish finder
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Due to its small screen display dimensions, this unit is perfect for use on small spaces, such as kayaks or boats. If you are a novice in the field of fishing, you will certainly find the Fish ID capability a very effective option as it can show fish icons wherever fishes can be found. While it has the capability to detect fish even at higher speed rates, it is still recommended that you operate your boat below 40 KPH. Any speed that is faster may result to inaccuracy in the readings.

The design of the Elite 3x makes it possible for you to record the water depth, temperature, and the voltage information. On top of these features, it also comes with alarm settings which can be programmed in order to notify you in case that the depth, voltage, as well as water levels have fallen below or gone above your goal and thresholds in fishing. You may also use the simulator of the device to familiarize yourself with the sonar sounds before its actual use.

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