Ice Fishing Techniques

Are you a real fishing enthusiast? Well, if your answer is a resounding ‘YES’, it is the time to pull up your socks and get set to fulfill your dreams. But, before that do you know, there is one special kind of fishing? No! It’s Ice Fishing, one of the most adventurous forms of fishing. Unlike other fishing, it demands expertise and a lot of patience! So, if you are ready for that, here are few things that you must know right away!

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Movement of fish is quite slow in colder months, and it is important for you to know if you are looking forward to learning technique of ice fishing. So, your movement should be as slow as that of the fish because they will not run quickly to grab the lure. They do not even bite insistently as they do during summers.

Jigging Technique

Jigging is the best technique for ice fishing. Take the line, attach a lure on the top, and let it sink to the bottom at the beginning. Then, keep it jigging up and down, and sideways as well so as to attract the fish. This method is considered ideal for small fishes. So, you buy hooks according to their sizes only. Remember, fast jiggling will drive away the fish as they might consider the lure as meaningless.

Tight lining technique

Unlike other fishing technique, you do not have to jiggle to move the line once it is dropped in the water. Instead, all you need to do in such fishing is to keep check on the line. Any movement will signify that something is on. However, to achieve better results you have to choose the most appropriate size and weight of lure. If not chosen appropriately, you will have to face some serious setbacks while fishing

Tip Up Technique

It is technique that uses a special device for fishing. The equipment is set on the surface of the ice and has a flag as an indicator. Whenever something is on, the flag will tie up and when the fish takes in the lure, reel will turn releasing the line as well as the flag simultaneously. This is beneficial for attracting large fish.

Once the device is set, drop the line through the hole until it has settled down in the bottom. It usually remains still, however wind can result in some slight movements in the line, which are not to be confused with the alert signal.

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Fishing is definitely not an easy job. It needs a lot of expertise in catching the desired fish. Many fishing enthusiast try every technique one after the other to find which one of them is the best and the most suitable for a particular kind of species.

So, you must invest a significant time in practicing these techniques and learning to use them in the most efficient ways.

A lot of trainers and schools are available nowadays. You can seek their advice e and join classes to learn basics about fishing. If you decide to do it on your own, it will definitely take a lot of time. Moreover things are better learned under the guidance of an expert so you must consider seeking their help in order to become the best fishing guy in your community.

Also, besides taking lessons, you must also have the knowledge about different types of lures, lines, baits, and plenty of other fishing tools because the size, weight, color, etc. varies a lot. So, in order to catch a particular species of fish you must know which type of lure will be the most suitable.

Fishing is though a daunting activity yet if learned well, nothing is more exciting than this. All you need is to show enthusiasm to learn things and step out of the door with confidence. It will take a little time for things to get better, but very soon you will become one of the most renowned fishing expert.

A number of fishing techniques are being practices. Just discover them one by one, and keep them performing each new day.

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