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Best Ice Fishing Flasher for the Money 2019

Are you ready to hit the hard water this winter? Using a best ice fishing flasher you can detect the fish and determine the movement what’s going on bellow the ice.

Humminbird, MarCum and Vexilar are most popular brands who manufacture best ice fishing flasher.

But all have different features and some pros and cons. So it will be worth reading this guide before making your purchase decision.

Features to Look in Best Ice Fishing Flasher

  • Power: Power and wattage are the first things to look for in a fish finder. The higher the power, the better will be the performance. More power also means the fish finder will be able to find fishes that lie deep below the frozen surface. More power translates to stronger waves. So, you will be able to fish better with a powerful fish finder.
  • Screen Resolution: As you might already be aware that fish finders come with a screen to display various statistics and images. So, the resolution of the screen becomes a determining criterion when choosing a fish finder. If you are looking for a flawless performance, it’s a good idea to invest in a product with a high screen to make sure the images produced are absolutely crisp and clear.
  • Transducers: I don’t want you to get caught up in all this technical jargon. But, if you are really interested in ice fishing, the transducer is something you should definitely know about. Transducers emit and receive signals- in this case, sonar waves. So, when the waves emitted by the transducers bounce off the body of the fish under the ice, you get a picture in your screen. So, try going for a fish finder with a good quality transducer.
  • Portability: One lightweight and portable sonar will make your journey of fishing more easy. You definitely don’t want to carry a gigantic fish finder that slows you down in the ice. So, it’s imperative to choose something that’s easy to carry.
  • Frequency: Well, if you are someone who pays a lot of attention to the details, then frequency is  importance as well. For ice fishing purposes, it’s better to go with the one with a higher frequency.
  • Battery Size: All portable electronic require battery to power up the units when traveling. For ice fishing you are already carrying flasher which have some weight. Carrying extra weight battery is just extra pressure. So it will be ideal to choose small battery but powerful enough to make your fishing without worrying of losing charge.

Top 3 Ice Fishing Flasher Reviews

1. Vexilar FL-8se Genz Pack with 19 Degree Ice Flasher Review

When it comes to the name of popular manufacturers for most sophisticated quality of ice fishing flasher device, the name Vexilar deserves a special mention.

The Vexilar FL-8 is a highly advanced three-color fishing sonar which allow to see real time display that no other sonar on the market can provide.

The three color feature is really cool in the sense that it depicts a weak object in green color. Similarly, a medium object is depicted as orange whereas a strong target is shown in red. Realizing the interpretation of color is easy once you understand your requirements.

Vexilar FL-8se Genz Pack with 19 Degree Ice Flasher
Vexilar FL-8se Genz Pack with 19 Degree Ice Flasher
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Vexilar FL-8 Special Features and benefits

Ready to use out of the box: The Vexilar fish finder comes ready to use out of the box. Unwrap the package and you will be good to go for a great ice fishing experience. The package includes a highly durable 12V battery, a charger to replenish the battery, an ice-transducer. It also includes a video to help you get started with this product.

Brighter LED-Better Display: People who have experience in ice fishing will already know how frustrating it is when the bright sunlight literally makes it impossible to understand the readings on the screen. However, with this product you don’t have to worry about bright sunlight anymore. The Vexilar fish finder comes with an ultra-bright LED display to enhance the sunlight readability factor. Now you can view the display without a hitch.

Interface Rejection: This fully feature-loaded fish finder comes with tons of settings and customization to offer you the best fishing experience. There are 10 interference rejection settings to enhance the signal with respect to the interference. Also, it comes loaded with six depth ranges ( 20-120) feet to make the scanning process effective.You don’t have to drill a hole in the ice. The great advancement of this flasher device is , you don’t necessary to make hole in the ice land to mount traducer. Simply clean up the grit from the ice with water and mount the transducer on it, and see the depth.

  • Super bright LED display.
  • Three color flasher technology
  • Comes with a waterproof case with the ability to withstand strong impacts.
  • Not exactly a con, but it looks a bit out of fashion.

2. MarCum LX 5 Dual Beam Flasher System Review

This flasher from MarCum System LX-5 is one of the most powerful fish finders out there with 2500 Watts of power at its helm. It comes with a crisp and bright display for better readability even in Sunlight. 20 degree transducer allows you to see a coverage area approximately one third the depth. If you are in 21 for water you are seeing a diameter circle 7 foot across.

A rechargeable 12V battery under its hood powers the entire device. The Marcum has also used breakthrough technologies such as 12-level Interference Rejection to make sure the interference from nearby fish finders and sonar devices doesn’t affect your performance.

The display is remarkably capable of producing high resolution details on the screen. No matter how bright it is outside, you will always be able to view the display at ease with the Marcum Fish Finder by your side.

MarCum LX 5 Dual Beam Flasher System
MarCum LX 5 Dual Beam Flasher System
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MarCum LX5 Special Features and benefits

High power dual beam can detect anything: As I have already mentioned, this gem of a fish finder from Marcum is widely known for its exceptionally high power of 2500W. As a result it emits of dual sonar waves of high frequency which can literally detect anything below the ice. You can also switch between 8 degree and 20 degree mode to set up the angle that works the best for you. This product will actually make you go with the stellar performance it has to offer.

Bouquet of features: With the Marcum Fish Finder, features just don’t seem to come to an end. Speaking of the battery, it has been embedded with a 3-stage advanced digital charging mechanism. Besides, a battery monitor has also been provided to regularly monitor the status and health of the battery. A highly advanced zoom feature will allow you to zero-in on any portion of the water column. Another ice flasher: Marcum LX 7

  • Best-in-class power and display.
  • Highly advanced rechargeable battery.
  • Wide Beam
  • Expansive

3. Humminbird ICE 55 Six Color Flasher Review

Well, Humminbird ICE 55 definitely lives up to its reputation set by the brand. It is versatile fish finder that leverages traditional and modern technologies to assist you in ice fishing.

Its 6 color fiber optic display ​made this flasher more usable in sunny winter days for easy interpretation. It comes with a nice battery charger and soft case.

It offers some great features and technologies which will make your fishing so much fun. Let’s have a detailed look below.

Humminbird ICE 55 Six Color Flasher
Humminbird ICE 55 Six Color Flasher
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Humminbird ICE 55 Special Features and benefits

Great Zooming option: Zooming option of this device will let you see everything in larger view. This device is different from others flashers because of this zooming feature.

Big Dial: Humminbird ice 35, Hummingbird ice 45 and 55 all comes with a big dial. This huge dial make your eyes easy to read whole day fishing. Everybody love to see object in larger view. So if you are one of them you will give special thanks to this device.

Mightier than the mightiest in terms of power: In terms of peak-to-peak power, the Humminbird fish finder have the ability to beat any fish finder in the world absolutely hands down. With a behemoth 4000 watts of power output, this product can emit powerful beams to find fishes that are hidden in the deep.

HD display crafted to extreme perfection: This fish finder comes with a 5 inch HD display. The ultra high resolution screen can help you read the tiniest of details at ease even under bright sunlight. If your eyesight isn’t that great and you detest wearing spectacles on your ice fishing trip, the crisp display of this fish finder will definitely be your perfect companion.

  • Built-in cartography (maps) for GPS chart-plotting
  • Comes with a memory card slot for saving additional maps
  • 6 Colors display flasher device
  • Does not work well with smaller jig

Best 2 Ice Fishing Fish Finder Reviews

On the above part we gave you reviews on 3 fishing flasher from different brands which are specially made for ice fishing. But what, if you want to use a LCD depth finder in ice fishing which are actually made for saltwater or freshwater fishing?

There are a huge difference between fish finder and fishing flasher.

The sonar system is almost same in flasher and fish finder. The only actual dissimilarity is how they display the signal of what is beneath the water. The flasher give you quick real time update of fish position, but fish finders display a running graphical view of what is beneath to your boat or kayak.

1. FishHunter Military Grade Portable Fish Finder 3.0 Review

Fish Hunter Portable Fish Finder
Fish Hunter Portable Fish Finder
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This ultra portable Military Grade fish finder takes portability and long distance connectivity to a whole new realm. Equipped with Wifi, you can now connect your smart phone or tablet with this product from over 50 meter away.

This is indeed remarkable and offers a significant edge over the traditional Bluetooth enabled fish finders. Well, this isn’t just the end. Read on to know more about the features.

FishHunter Special Features and benefits

Triple frequency for better performance: Well, usually you have come across dual beam emitting fish finders. But true to its name, the Fishhunter is hell bent on hunting fishes. And to make sure not a single fish can escape its range, the Fishhunter comes with triple beam. It emits three beams of 381Khz, 475Khz and 675Khz at 20, 16 and 12 degree respectively. With the Fishhunter, you can rival even with the best ice fishing expert in the world. It can scan at depths up to 160 ft.

3 functional views offer incredible better user experience: With three different views, you will get different user experience. The fish view directly enables you to locate the position and depth of the fish. The raw view interprets the results from the sonar waves like a traditional fish finder. The ice fishing view will allow you to view the statistics and data as well.

  • Remarkable battery life of 10 hours
  • Tradditional Ice Fishing Flasher
  • Sometimes you may face lose connectivity issue

2. Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder Review

Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder
Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder
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This fish finder has totally challenged the concepts of portability and smartness. Because of its mobile app it is called mobile sonar device. Like the other electronic flasher system you plot down the whole and get back to your phone and go toward deeper application. Here you are ready to go within seconds.

The first time you look at it, you will probably feel like looking into some sort of highly advanced miniature drone. Read on to know why you should buy this little one.

Deeper Features and benefits

Wireless technology makes your fishing life easy: Yes, you have heard it right! This little guy comes with wireless technology. You can connect it with your smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth to view the real time readings. The readings are displayed on your smart phone or tablet’s screen. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and the rechargeable battery offer a decent back up of 12 hours.
Can reach where no one else can: It can reach where other fish finders can’t. From bridges to docks and banks to kayaks, this portable fish finder can scour for fish anywhere. With this at your disposal, you can truly master the art of ice fishing.

Dual frequency contributes to greater accuracy: All thanks to the dual beams of 290Khz emitted at 15 degree and 90Khz emitted at 55 degree, the accuracy of the fish finder is really good. It can also reach depths of up to 130 feet. The sonar is very effective and it can operate in two modes. You can either set it up to search wide areas or search within a small area for enhanced accuracy.

  • Highly portable; you can carry it anywhere with ease.
  • Comes with mobile application to monitor and track various fishing activity.
  • Dual beam contributes to greater accuracy.
  • Lack of onboard display screen could be a downside.


Weather, you use fish finder or flasher technology you will be able to catch fish with both of this device. A right fishing flasher will make you feel like, fish are coming to your bait while you are playing a video game. Flashers are special device made for one reason. Locating fish vertically.

Moreover fish finder made to catch moving around fish, but also can be utilized for fishing vertically.​

However, the flashers have more susceptibility to get the hang of smaller jigs which also provide quick sharp readings. So, When you decide to upgrade your model for ice fishing, buy any one from the above recommended items without any vacillation.


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