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Humminbird 898c si Fish Finder with Side Imaging and Down Imaging Review

Don’t we all love fishing – especially after we get our first big catch? If you are someone who likes to fish and prefer to go deep inside the waters to find the big guys, then we strongly recommend the Humminbird 800 series fish finder. This product helps you in viewing sonar images along with the charts alongside each other, plus many other options. It comes with its own unit cover too, which is just a nice addition for a high-end product like this.

Features of the Humminbird 800 Series

You will be able to capture exactly what you are looking for with the help of the huge 7” HD display screen, a 16 : 9 aspect ratio and innovative super bright LED backlit screen of the 898C HD SI. The video quality of the product is extremely high, as the 480X800 pixels give the user a clear view of the fish with efficient visibility.

Humminbird 898c si Fish Finder
Humminbird 898c si Fish Finder

Moreover, features like Humminbird Side Imaging and Down Imaging provides you thorough knowledge of the most adaptable sonar technology on water. These are incredibly important features that give you way more information that standard devices. This is a great gadget not just for finding fish, but also for discovering your path through new or uncharted waters with the Humminbird ContourXD cartography. Basically, you can track your movement through the water and even set waypoints. Pretty slick!

It has another exciting feature that will take this experience to the next level, which is the involvement of sonar views, GPS competency and radar. You can view multiple features on the screen at once, so you can check your route through the GPS and cartography feature while seeing under the boat so you don’t miss any fish.

Like we mentioned above, a beneficial feature is its chart plotting ability, with special Lake Master and the Navionics Platinum Compatibility. The bi-beam Plus Sonar works efficiently from 150 feet all the way to 1500 feet (and you can get crazy here by adding the option 50 kHz transducer and get depth of up to 3000 feet) – that is a pretty amazing range of depths!

It’s easy to mount and set up, and there are multiple mounting/set up videos and instructions that are available to you when you get the unit.

How to Operate this Device

For starters, try to watch the DVD several times, head onto Youtube and check out the various videos from experts (and be sure to watch the mounting help videos, too), and then try using it in the water. Have the instructions handy and test it before going out, to be sure, but the best way to get everything in order is to start using it. You’ll see what features you need as you’re out on the boat, and then you can address those features at the time of need. That’s much better than learning absolutely everything and forgetting it, when you may only need to utilize a few important features.

Reviews from many fishermen have shown that it works perfectly well in the down and Humminbird side imaging parameters, with quite a few people saying how much they love the unit. Once you use it, you will know that this device is a game changer! You will discover hundreds of new fishing spots with the advanced scanning features and generally worry less about things other than catching fish.

Once you start using the Humminbird 898C SI, you will almost get addicted to it and won’t think of going fishing without it. You will be impressed by this product and its other features like plugin cartography, full mapping GPS and memory card downloader (to get all the data you collected on the water back onto your computer for in-depth analysis).

Humminbird Helix 7 SI GPS Fish Finder Combo
Humminbird Helix 7 SI GPS Fish Finder Combo ( Newer Model )
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Humminbird 898C Final Note

This top of the line fish finder unit is packed with features that just don’t exist in most other devices. The Precision GPS and built-in ContourXD with Dual SD Card Slots make your fishing experience much easier and give you way more options out there.

If you’re looking for a top of the line unit that does most everything, you really can’t go wrong with the Humminbird 898C HD SI.

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