How To Repair Fishing Lure?

If you have a soft-plastic muskie lure, sometimes it easily breaks away. Commonly the tail part is the sensitive part which usually broken first. It is because the tail part is softer but sometimes has less elasticity power. Therefore, if the fish bit it or we pull it too much, it breaks apart. Perhaps, there are thousands of methods. Most of them require a special tool which costs many dollars. However, this method will only require a $2 lighter which you can get it easily. This way will be effective for any fishing muskie lure in any size and type. Here is the step!

How To Repair Fishing Lure?

1. Measure The Broken Part to Unite

First thing of all, you must measure the right position of your broken muskie lure. For the ideal, the cut pieces must be the same width. If you find the plastic part which doesn’t fit or has different width, you should cut it off. Therefore, you will get the ideal size right before fixing it

How To Repair Fishing Lure?

2. Heat the Broken Part

As it has said before, this method only requires a lighter. However, you should be careful on using it. The way is to hold tightly about 1-2 cm of both broken part. Then, heat the broken plastic with the small fire. Let it melt for a while

After that, it is the time for combining both parts together. You have to make sure you do not heat it too much. It makes the broken part be able not to unite again because of too thin. Therefore, just put the small fire less than 30 seconds before you fix it together

How To Repair Fishing Lure?

3. Let it Cool

After heating it up, it is now the time to let it cool. Then, you will ensure the broken part fixed. However, it will never be the same as before. The heated part seems to be thinner, yet stronger now. It happens since fire can shrink the plastic particle smaller. It has fixed and it is cheap way at the same time.

How To Repair Fishing Lure?

Now, you see. it’s very hard. It cannot go anywhere. Very strong

How To Repair Fishing Lure?

So, what about the body part if it is broken too? The next step will explain

4. Fixing Broken Part in Muskie Lure’s Body

Fixing the tail part seems simple. However, if you find the body part broken too, you can use the same method for fixing it. As the example below, you will see that a scissors breaks away the body part

As it has applied the same way, you should prepare for the lighter first. Then, you have to heat both of broken part by holding it aside. After it melts enough, you need to paste both part together and let it cool

How To Repair Fishing Lure?

Usually, after a few minutes (2-3 minutes), it will fix right away. It is simple and easy to do. The most important thing is to make sure your hand is safe while heating the broken plastic. Sometimes, plastic will melt too much if you are not be careful. It hurts your finger and remains burning wound

Now, Finish

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