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Garmin Echo 551dv Worldwide Fish Finder with Transducer Review

Garmin is old school fish detection in action for the best fish finders for many years. Garmin is quality and the Garmin Echo 551dv Worldwide does not disappoint with clarity in color display. HD has never been so clear on your depth finding with trolling motor mount and swivel mount included in this package fish finder.

This fish finder includes many key features such as locking the viewing screen to the bottom of the ground. This is just one of the features that are invaluable. Another feature is hiding surface noises which will clear up the view from clutter that is in the way on the surface of the water. You can adjust the depth line with the depth setting on the menu settings. This is an excellent fish finder for the fisherman who loves details as a part of their fishing excursions.

The Garmin Echo 551dv has seriously high reviews from fisherman who expect the best from their fish finder. Most enjoy all of the detailed information and customization that can be added to fishing experiences.

Key Features

The transducer does the work with a vertical display screen and dual first class imaging. The sonar echo gives the professional feel of fish detection with easy transitions from the surface to the bottom of the water. The transducer also gives you the advantage of sonar split screen viewing which is optimum for the best viewing on the imaging of your fish finder.

garmin echo 551dv fish finder
garmin echo 551dv fish finder

View the full pictures with the highest resolution on five inches of mounted clarity. If you love a full view from the narrowest of water bodies this is the expert fish finder for your best fishing experiences. You can view from shore to over two thousand feet of depth finding with the Echo from Garmin.

You can set your colors with the color scheme menu and set up your sonar manually so that you get the exact imaging of your choice. Set up your color mode through the Color Mode on your menu. This menu is invaluable because you can choose day and night settings for your imaging. Choose the best sonar from the transducer menu.

The split frequency page is a great member of the key features for the Garmin. This feature allows you to view two different frequencies on one screen. The screen gives you either a vertical or horizontal view when you split the screen. This is definitely a different viewing tool from the rest of the fish finders available for purchase. If you love to log and keep histories the Log settings page is wonderful for showing you the history of depths on your trips. This page also shows the scale of the depth ranges you have been in on your trips. The graphics log on the temperatures gives the range of temperatures you have visited and the variations. These details are viewed within the duration you choose on the menu.

The Garmin Echo also has an odometer and you can easily reset the odometer to track your mileage before you can reset this feature you must connect to the speed wheel transducer.


Freeze frame your screen history using the four-way cursor control keys. You can move about between screens and locate everything you saw and had warned about from the alarms built into this excellent fish finder. The Garmin name is synonymous for lasting quality in fish finders. They have been around for many years now and have some of the latest in marine technology that is available in fish finders. You can trust the Garmin name for quality that will last. These fish finders are made for durable fishing for the avid fisherman.

The Garmin has the latest in marine technology with depth finder details and settings that will keep you up to the minute on your trip information. You can acquire even more detail with the Ascope feature. This feature will flash and show you the latest information you have missed from your Garmin. The Ascope is a vertical flasher that shows the along the right side of the full view of your image. Giving you all the latest sonar data available that has recently been collecting on your fish finder. The vertical split screened views give you the benefit of combining and customizing your imaging just as you want it to be. This fish finder also has the horizontal split screen for sonar imaging simultaneously. Both views can be customized to how you like them to be giving you the up to the minute details of fish finding real time.

Every fisherman loves the ability to set up their alarms the way they wish so that they can know details to log into the diary they may keep on certain spots they love. You can set up the Garmin with special sounds to show you certain aspects you want an alarm to show you. Just head to the beeper setting and set up your icons and the noises you wish to show you these details. This is an excellent custom benefit to owning the Garmin.


This depth finder has affordability and brand quality through Garmin. Garmin has the technology and the edge savvy marine electronics installed on the Garmin fish finders. Grab your buddies and take a trial run out on the lake with this fish finder and immediate gratification can be had with the experience that this fish finder was made to give the owner. Old school reviews show that this is a choice fish finder for the money.

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The features and benefits of the Garmin Echo 551dv have given many the cutting edge of technology with their fish finding detection. Garmin is a brand that shows time after time that they are ahead of the market in fish detection and marine technology. This fish finder from Garmin is a must purchase for cutting-edge fish finding available. The customization on fish finders is widely expanded on this unit from Garmin. Giving a personal spin on your fishing trips every time.

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