Different Types of Kayak Fishing Techniques

There are many different ways of catching fish while kayak fishing. A good fisherman will make use of all of them and try to change the techniques according to the type of animal they are trying to catch and the environment. Having knowledge of more techniques opens the doors to different types of animals you can catch, like shellfish, octopus, squid, etc. Some of the techniques of kayak fishing are netting, angling, hand gathering, spear fishing, and catching. Some people only fish for sport, where they don’t make a profit out of caught fish, and they either release them back into the wild or take them as trophies. Others, do make a living out of this job and they have to be careful about their job, one wrong step while fishing can mean the prey will swim away!

People whose hobby is fishing, or artisan fishers mainly use low-cost techniques and traditional ways of fishing (which may differ in different countries), while fishermen who make a profit from fishing mainly use netting and more expensive techniques (more expensive techniques mean more caught fish per session). Having the knowledge about fish movement, migration, living environment, and diet will increase the chances of a successful fishing session a lot! Before you go fishing, always research the necessary knowledge about these few fishing techniques and the fish you’re fishing – if you don’t, you might find yourself without a catch!

Kayak fishing techniques differ from regular fishing. There are different types kayak fishing tackles which are physical lures used in kayak fishing. Kayak fishing techniques refer to different methods of fishing where equipment is used. One of the simplest, if not the simplest, methods of kayak fishing is Hand Fishing. Hand fishing is self – explanatory which means you use your hands in fishing. It’s as simple as picking up seafood or shellfish from the floor because they are stationary. Other types of kayak fishing are as follows:

5 Kayak Fishing Techniques

Kayak Fishing Techniques

Flounder Tramping

It is a type of fishing where you catch flounder and other fish (flat) by standing in water and stepping on the fish. This technique of fishing has been used in Scotland for centuries and hasn’t changed since. After stepping on a fish, it is secured using a Trident and then bagged. The Scottish town of Palnackie hosts the World Flounder Tramping championship on the first Saturday each August every year.


Noodling is a method of fishing where the fisherman puts his hand down a catfish hole. If the fisherman does everything correctly, the catfish lashes onto his arm after which he can pull out both the arm and the catfish. This method of fishing is a bit dangerous, though, as some injury may occur after the catfish has bitten the arm.


Diving is a type of fishing where the fisherman dives into deep water in the hopes of grabbing animals by hand. These are mostly lobsters, but other types of sea fauna can be grabbed the same way.

Trout Binning

Trout binning is a method of fishing which requires the use of a sledgehammer. The fisherman finds a body of water where the trouts are located and slams the sledgehammer into rocks. This sudden hit confuses the fish as the shock hits them. They are then easily taken out of the water by hand or other fishing tools.


Angling is a type of kayak fishing using hooks. The hook is usually attached to a line and dropped into water. Most of the time it is dropped, so it sinks to the bottom. It can also be called the hook-line-sinker method. The hook is usually fitted with bait and colorful lures to attract fish. Angling is one of the main methods of kayak fishing today, and most fisheries use this method. It is profitable and doesn’t require a lot of time to set-up. Other things that can assist in this method of fishing are fishing kites, guns or remotely controlled devices that operate from a distance.

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