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Deeper Fish Finder Review

Your smart device (phone/tablet) can easily do many things, but, the question is, can you catch fish with it? Well, thanks to technology developed by the manufacturers of Deeper Fish Finder, now you can! These days, almost everybody owns a smartphone. With the use of Bluetooth technology, Deeper Fish Finder can be used together with your Android or iOS to transfer sonar readings to the screen of your smartphone. The Bluetooth connectivity allows lower battery consumption. At the same time, you do not need cellular data for this device to work, so you can easily use Internet connection on your tablet or smartphone while fishing.

In order to use this tool, all you need to do is to attach your fishing line to any of the three attachment points, depending on the type of fish that you would like to catch. With the use of your standard rod and reel, you can cast this sphere to the water. It will then emit ultrasound waves into the water, providing a clear picture of what is happening beneath the surface, including water temperature, structure, depth, and of course, the presence of fish.

Deeper Wireless Portable Fish Finder
Deeper Wireless Portable Fish Finder

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Deeper Features

  • Save Best Spots (feature is available if you opt for a unit that comes with a GPS).
  • Up to date weather reports (accurate 5-day forecast, including cloud cover, air temperature, direction and wind speed.)
  • Detailed fishing calendar (based on lunar phases)
  • Customized fishing log
  • Track Data History
  • Social Media sharing


  • Easy to use. If your smartphone can be paired to your speakers, cars or other hands-free device, then you can also pair it with your Deeper.
  • Perfect for smaller boats, such as kayaks
  • No headaches related to installation
  • Deeper is a portable fish finder.


  • Not possible to change the battery by yourself. You need to send it over for maintenance.
  • Some users request longer battery life
  • At times, Bluetooth connection is lost


The Deeper Fish Finder records all the data and also marks all of the way points so that you can easily go back to hot spots on your future trips. Another very interesting feature that is loved by many users is its capability to capture photos out of the application as well. This means that you can easily share the events to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or perhaps send them to your family and friends right on the spot.

All in all, the Deeper Fish Finder is a great choice. It may have inherent limitations because it is not like the other hard wired fish finders. However, its very nature poses certain advantages, too. It means versatility, portability, ease of use, cost, as well as ease of setup. This is really recommended when fishing at your favorite spot. Of course, you can expect some learning curve along the way, but once you are used to it, then it will become easier the more you use it. Priced around $200, this option is a great investment for you.


When it comes to fish finders, there are several options that you can take advantage of. While they are under the same category, these other options are often considered hard wired. For instance, one major player in the world of fish finders is the company Humminbird. One of its models is the 998C fish finder. It is one of the most advanced options because of its many features. It is also a great option if you are considering fishing as a serious sport. Another good option on the market is the X4 Pro from Lowrance. This is perfect for beginners because the features are quite easy to use. However, if you look at all three options that we have, it is very easy to see the difference that makes the Deeper Fish Finder a standout. For one, it is not ‘hard wired’. It can easily be paired to your smart device to function the way that it is supposed to. At the same time, it is the more affordable option among the list.

Deeper Smart Sonar
Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder

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Deeper Fish Finder has been recommended by several users because its readings can easily be trusted. The depth readings are accurate, according to the reviews, including the capability of the Deeper to detect the presence of fish. This also involves identifying structural changes at the bottom of the fishery, such as a river channel lip, or a rising point. It can easily follow suite without any problems. For its price, it can be said that the Deeper’s image quality is already good. Seeing fish signatures, clouds of bait, as well as changes in the bottom composition can be seen without any issues.

This device may not be as detailed as other sonar units, but the readings allow you to know when there is something that is down there worth making your casts. With regard to the hard cover, the Deeper can detect it well. With practice, you can easily find the suitable options that will fit your preferences. Therefore, this also means that you need to pay attention to the screen of your tablet or smartphone to detect any subtle cover including stumps, single logs, as well as small brush piles.

Overall, the Deeper Fish Finder is a great tool to use for your next fish finding expedition. This is a great option if you also want to make good use of your smart device while engaging in this activity. With a price that is affordable compared to other hard-wired options, you can easily make the deeper your partner. It is very easy to use, very convenient to charge, and comes with an app that comes complete with several goodies. Whether it is your first tool, or an addition to your line-up of electronics collection, you can certainly find certain situations in which you can consider this tool as advantageous.

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