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Best Castable Fish Finder Reviews [iBobber vs Deeper vs Fish Hunter]

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of blindly trolling your favorite fishing spot looking for those elusive fish? A portable fish finder can save you hours of time and make your fishing trip more successful. Whether you’re an avid sports fisherman or you make your living on the waters, a fish finder can help you improve your catch every time. In this article, we’ll try to make you more acquainted with how fish finders work and how to make the most of this helpful piece of fishing technology.

Castable Fish finders have become extremely important parts of a fisherman’s toolbox. They assist in probing the depths of your fishing spots and reveal areas your human eye can’t see. Today’s intelligent fish finding devices come loaded with an ever-increasing array of capabilities and features to help the angler figure out how things work.


Fishfinders use a scaled down version of active S.O.N.A.R (SOund Navigation And Ranging (Passive does not produce sound)) to determine where the fish are located. Fish finders can also map out the beds of lakes, oceans, rivers, ponds and any other object that reflects the sound waves back to the unit.


A transducer, which is normally a part of the fish finder unit, generate the sound waves that bounce off objects beneath the water surface and give the angler the picture of what’s beneath and around them. The sound waves are interpreted and shown on an LED, LCD or CRT screen of the fish finder back on the surface.


Today, fish finders are either mounted to the boat or compact enough to be held in your hand. The ones which are boat mounted tend to be more expensive and according to some fishermen are more accurate than their more portable handheld cousins.

Bank, Boat or Kayak

The Fishfinder technology has come a long way since their first introduction on the market. They have become way more compact and portable and are much more menu-driven than previous models. You also are no longer restricted to a boat in order to use them. You can now use a fish finder even if you are fishing from the bank, a pier, kayak or other locations previously excluded from these units. The units are also no longer restricted to a black and white screen but have color and 3d displays.


Today’s units are also equipped with a GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) and navigational unit. This comes in extremely handy when you are on a spot that is producing a lot of great catches. Activate the GPS and now you will always know where this magical spot was. The navigational unit will even guide you right back to the exact same spot. This also comes in handy if your boat decides it no longer wants to work and you have to call for help. Now they can locate you exactly.


Most times with all this delicate technology you would be a little shy about how fragile it is, fortunately today’s fish finders are made tough and rugged. Manufacturers today use durable, hard plastic to ensure almost complete protection from the elements and accidents. You can also purchase extra protection in the form of protective covers and cases that make your units, even more, shock and water resistant.


Now there are no more excuses for why you spent the entire day on the water and did not come home with a load of fish, including that trophy fish that until now kept getting away. With today’s technological advances, the fish can no longer evade you. Not only that, but you are no longer kept from owning a fish finder because you do not have a boat to mount it to. Fish finders are so portable you can keep it in your pockets to use when fishing from the shoreline, pier or almost anywhere else you may find yourself fishing from.

Best Castable Fish Finder Comparison Chart and Reviews

Faceoff Castable Fish Finder: iBobber vs Deeper vs Fish Hunter

iBobber Smart Fish Finder Deeper Smart Fish Finder Fish Hunter Smart Fish Finder
Compatability IOS & Android IOS & Android IOS & Android
Frequency 118kHz (90°), Single Beam 290 kHz (15°) / 90 kHz (55°) 381kHz
Depth 3 to 135ft / 0.9 to 41m 2 to 130ft / 0.5 to 40m Up to 133ft / 40m
Range Up to 100ft / 30m Up to 140 – 160ft / 40 – 50m Up to 140 – 160ft / 40 – 50m
Weight 1.7oz / 47g 0.22lb / 100g 0.25lb / 117.5g
Battery Life 3.7V Rechargeable
Up to 10 hr
Standby ~ weeks
Lithium Polymer, 3.7V Rechargeable
4 hours of non stop usage
2 hours to fully charge.
3.6 VDC 600 mAh battery
6-8 hours, 500+ hours if it is waiting
2 hours to fully charged

1. Fish Hunter Castable Fish Finder Review

Fish Hunter Portable Fish Finder
Fish Hunter Castable Fish Finder
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There’s more to the Fish Hunter Castable Fish Finder than being a piece of sonar and Bluetooth device for anglers and fishermen. In fact, it’s a floating fish locating dynamo in a rubberized ball that all fishing enthusiasts and serious anglers can benefit from, thanks to its military-grade features.

2. Deeper Castable Fish Finder Review

deeper smart portable fish finder
deeper smart portable fish finder
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The Deeper Smart Sonar is portable, about the size of a tennis ball, so now you can really go fishing in locations that other fish finders would not allow you to (docks, kayaks, shore, boats, bridges, etc…), and regardless of the season, no more guess work, you know where they are hiding. The unique Bluetooth technology transmits fish locating information regardless of where you’re fishing. Simply connect your Deeper, and all the information you could ever want to know about the fish, bottom layout, structures, water depth and temperature and so much more is at your fingertips– anywhere you fish.

3. iBobber Castable Fish Finder Review

ibobber Castable Fish Finder
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The iBobber Castable Fish Finder is the perfect addition to any angling toolbox. It is perfect for deeper water conditions and awesome for anglers who are limited to the banks. Lightweight and extremely portable, take it anywhere you want to go.

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